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Can My Peer-to-Peer Event Have a Custom Domain?

Did you know we offer custom domains for peer-to-peer events? This means that instead of our Qgiv URLs, your organization can use its own domains while we still host your site. See the example below for what the end result will look like.

Current: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/eventID you can set up

With custom domain: https://Campaigns.OrganizationExample.com/event/eventID

You can also set up custom URLs for Qgiv online donation forms but you can embed the donation forms.

We’ll take care of setting up the security certificate (https://). You’re still responsible for a few things in order for the custom domain to be set up. You’ll need to:

  • Let Customer Experience know you’re interested in moving forward with a custom domain so we can provide the associated costs
  • Set up the subdomain (Campaigns.OrganizationExample.com)
  • Ensure you add a DNS CNAME record to secure.qgiv.com
  • Verify access to the admin email for the domain; Customer Experience will provide you with that once you start the process

Once that has been done, we’ll generate a Certificate Signing Request. You’ll receive an email with a web link on which you'll click and select either “Approve” or “Deny.” We’ll be alerted of the action you take, at which point we’ll download and install the security certificate on our servers. As soon as it’s in place and we’ve tested it, we’ll let you know you’re ready to go. The whole process generally takes about 3-5 days.  

If you have any questions on setting up a custom domain for your peer-to-peer event, you can give us a call at 888.855.9595 or send us an email at support@qgiv.com to discuss the details!

Please note: Using a custom domain means you may not be able to use the "Register With Facebook Option" for your peer-to-peer event. You CAN create your own Facebook app to regain that capability. If you don't want to use that registration option, it can be turned off so it doesn't display during the registration process. To disable it, access Event Builder, navigate to the Registration Signup Page, click the gear icon to edit the widget settings, and then disable the Enable Facebook Registration option by unchecking the box.




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