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Can I Upload Resources to Link in My Peer-to-Peer Event's Navigation Bar?


If you have resources (such as an event map or fundraising guide) in your file system that you'd like to link in the navigation bar of a peer-to-peer event, you can upload them in the Resources area of your peer-to-peer form's control panel. When visitors to your event page click the navigation item, they'll be taken directly to the resource! Here's how!

First, navigate to your peer-to-peer form's control panel and click Content, and then click Resources.


In the Resource Manager, click Add New Resource. 


In the resulting modal, click Select a File to locate the resource in your computer's files. Once you've done so, give it a title that will appear in the Resource Manager. Next, choose a Category for your resource. We'll be using an image for this example.


Click Save Resource when you're done. Your new resource will now display in the category to which it was assigned. To access the URL of your resource, click its name in the Filename list. In this example, we'd simply click the green "Fundraising Tips" text.

Pro tip: If you DON'T want the resource to be available to participants in their personal fundraising dashboard, but DO want it to be available via a navigation item, just click the toggle so it displays as gray. You can still link to the resource's URL!


You'll be taken directly to your hosted resource, where you can now highlight and copy the URL from the address bar. 


Now it's time to add your new navigation item in Event Builder! From your peer-to-peer form's control panel, click Event Builder in the upper-right corner of the screen.


In your event's navigation bar, click the plus sign to add a new navigation item.


In the resulting modal:

  • Fill in the Label you'd like to appear in your navigation bar
  • Select Custom URL  from the Links To drop-down
  • Paste the resource URL you copied into the Link URL field
  • If you'd like the resource to Open in a new window, click the checkbox
  • Click Add Link


Your new navigation item will now appear in your event's navigation bar! Visitors to your event can click the item to view your resource.


Make sure you click Save Page in your Event Builder controls before you navigate away—you don't want to erase all of your hard work!


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